Gepubliceerd op 19 augustus 2021

NLBC: Blog nr.2 | NLBC's opinion on the French language barrier

“Bonjour, je suis ravi de faire votre connaissance» 

Today a blog post about the French language !

When translating French language into numbers:

-        300 million humans speak French

-        88 states and governments

-        5th biggest exportation country worldwide

-        Europe's number one destination for international investment in 2020.

-        France is the world’s top touristic destination with aprox. 87 million visitors a year (Guess how many are Dutch?)

The French language, defined as “a beautiful, rich, melodious language » is often a factor of influence when starting a business in France. Here at NLBC we believe that this factor should be taken into account but not be a frontier to create and develop your activity in France. As most of French administrations will continue to work under the language of love, we have seen a development towards the use of the English language. Nevertheless, this is still in process and not yet defined as a common standard.

When starting your activity in France, we strongly recommend you to learn key-words as tools for communication. Most of the people will not expect you to speak fluent French on first sight. However, starting a conversation with some French words shows respect towards a future business partner and is a strong positive opening. Investment and interest for the language are motors of implication. You might be corrected a few times but you will keep your partner's interest all along your “voyage”.

Nowadays, learning French has never been easier. Numerous apps and websites are available to learn you easily one word a day, to keep your fears away. In a few weeks you will easily have the bases to launch and maintain a conversation with a smiley partner.

Questions? Doubts? Looking for support? NLBC is your French-speaking partner. 

“A bientôt !”

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