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NLBC: Interview with BRUIJNSE Accountants & Auditors

Being fluent in Dutch, in French and in numbers, Antoine puts two and two together. Meet Antoine Bruijnse, chartered accountant and registered auditor at BRUIJNSE. A Dutch firm with more than 20 years of experience in France. 

1. Tell us about BRUIJNSE Accountants & Auditors and your services

We are an accounting, audit & advisory firm based in France and managed by two Dutch citizens: my father Frits Bruijnse (who founded the company roughly 20 years ago) and myself, Antoine Bruijnse.

We are both registered in France as chartered accountants (Expert-Comptable) as well as registered auditors (Commissaire aux Comptes). We both speak fluent Dutch (it is our native country).

I’ve personally worked for more than 7 years at KPMG Amstelveen before moving over to France and our firm about 3 years ago.

We’ve also a website you can visit if you want to know more about us: 

2. Why did you choose France to set up your business?

The decision to start a business in France came after our family decided to move from The Netherlands and settle in France early 90’s. So it was rather an opportunity to embrace.

There’s plenty of Dutch companies/groups/individuals looking for advice when it comes to cross the border and start to operate and do business in France.

3. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in France and how did you overcome it?

In the beginning the challenge was to become fluent in French and to acquire thorough knowledge about the French business environment as well as laws and regulations. This was a matter of time.

Since then, a major challenge is to explain our clients the French tax, legal and accounting environment, which is rather complex and contains many particularities. For example, some clients might want to continue using their own IT systems when starting their operations in France (and use it for management accounting or other reasons) but then it could happen that they are no longer compliant with specific French requirements.

Also, to help our clients understand the often-complicated French legal environment compared to our clients’ home country which is in many cases The Netherlands, but also other countries. As we dispose of strong knowledge and experience with their own local business environment, in many cases we are in a good position to explain the differences with France in a nutshell and provide significant added value.

4. Could you tell us a bit more about your link to the Netherlands Business Council France?

We know a few NLBC board members personally. For example, we’ve met with Michael Pistecky end of 2018 during a business lunch in Paris. We also met Willemijn Berenschot at the time she was in Lyon. And we’ve lately met with you Anouk during a NBSO Lyon business meeting last year.

Our client portfolio is composed for 100% of Dutch and international groups/companies having either a subsidiary or a permanent establishment in France.

It speaks by itself that when the NLBC was founded we needed to be part of it and become a member.

5. What are you currently looking for?

To continue to assist and support Dutch and international groups/companies who are settling and/or developing their activities in France with matters related to taxation (transfer pricing, filings, etc.), accounting and bookkeeping, payroll and labour law, company law, legal audit engagements, etc.

Our firm provides a wide range of services. We also have an extended network so even if we can’t perform the work ourselves, we accompany and guide to the appropriate advisors (most of them also Dutch native speakers).

We are always looking for talented Dutch speaking colleagues to join our team!

6. What would you advice to other entrepreneurs thinking of starting a business in France?

That they should prepare a good business plan, know the market and their future customers. They should be sure about what their customers’ needs are and the tools/ideas they have to satisfy these needs in order to be successful.

They should not waste too much time with accounting, payroll, tax and labour law, etc. but rather outsource these tasks to local professionals and focus on operations. And last but not least, do not sign any agreements without having an appropriate advise about French law upfront.


BRUIJNSE Accountants & Auditors is member of the Netherlands Business Council France.

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