Gepubliceerd op 9 augustus 2021

NLBC: Interview with De Boer Transport

De Boer Group is a worldwide logistics company with two warehouses in Paris and Marseille. De Boer has possibilities for supply chain, for storage and different possibilities for international logistics. Meet Jelle Sprenkeling, Directeur du Site, who took on the challenge to launch De Boer in France.

1. Tell us about the company and your services

De Boer transport is a part of The Boer Group a worldwide operating logistics service provider. We are able to organize the complete process from a purchase order until the delivery at the customer. We are able to organize the process between B to B organizations but also B to C’s.  Moreover, we inform you of every milestone in between the process.

2. What is your link with France?

The idea was rooted in the request of a client who was interested in having a Dutch company nearby so that in the case of an issue, they would know that we could provide a fast and adequate solution. The typically Dutch manners were of interest by first solving the problem before evaluating and finalizing it in a structured way.

3. What would you advise when working with the French and Dutch?

The biggest challenge we encountered was that borders were closing almost from one day because of COVID. We were flooded with questions as customers wanted solutions. Within 24 hours we had taken all measures to increase our capacity by 100% in order to provide support for our clients during these enormous challenging times. All of this went beyond our expectations: the results were possible, also due to the commitment of our team.

4. Could you tell us a bit more about your link to the Netherlands Business Council France?

Anouk Zoet got in contact with my employer M de Boer which referred her to our french location. Anouk and I started communicating after which we decided to become members of the NLBC since we were convinced that it has an added value in several fields. We have good contact and are experiencing it as valuable support, we can get back to the council for advice every now and then.

5. What are you currently looking for?

Now that we are out of the “start-up phase” and building a more structural continuity, we strive to play a role for Dutch companies which want to market their products in France. We really want to be a service provider for French and domestic companies as well as companies which are active in the European and worldwide market.

6. What would you advise Dutch companies thinking of expanding their business to France?

Good preparation in language and culture and selecting good staff which is able to speak English fluently would be a bit of key advice. Keep an eye on the differences within cultures and how they are shown in behavior. Invest a lot of time and energy into melting the French and the Dutch mentality into each other.

DE BOER TRANSPORT is member of the Netherlands Business Council France.

Wij zijn er zodat jij voorbereid en sterk in je schoenen internationaal kan ondernemen

Er is ontzettend veel kennis over internationaal zakendoen, en wij zijn er om jou te koppelen aan de organisaties en mensen die die kennis met je delen, zodat jouw bedrijf tot bloei komt, ook internationaal.

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