Gepubliceerd op 31 maart 2021

NLBC: Interview with Ebusco

After several years of experience with electric busses in Northern Europe, Ebusco is ready to take on the French market. Meet Jean-François Chiron, Executive Director at Ebusco France, up for the task.   

1. Tell us about Ebusco

Ebusco is a Dutch company based in Deurne. At the beginning of this century, CEO Peter Bijvelds saw possibilities in the zero emission and in 2010 he established Ebusco. Ebusco is dedicated to the development, marketing and sales of fully electric city and regional buses. There is 100% growth per year since 2015, and today there are about 350 buses on the road all over Europe.

2. Why did you choose France to expand your business?

After developing the company in northern countries, like Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, and obviously the Netherlands, Ebusco decided to focus on the French market. There are about 2000 buses sold every year and the market share of electric vehicles increases every year, and in 2025 our assessment is to have a large majority of zero emission buses sold, so it’s a real opportunity for Ebusco.

3. What has been the biggest challenge you faced in France and how did you overcome it?

The first challenge is to make Ebusco well known in France. There is about 100 PTA’s with more 100 000 inhabitants and this is what we are looking for. To achieve this goal we use direct marketing through my professional network and digital marketing actions. The biggest challenge that we have to face is to be referenced in the central purchasing used by the PTAs (UGAP and CATP). Indeed, to avoid tenders PTAs used this 2 central purchasing very often.

4. Could you tell us a bit more about your link to the Netherlands Business Council France?

We are at the beginning of establishing a link between Ebusco and the NLBC, we have to build it. The first contact has been established and we expect to share useful information to develop our business.

5. What are you currently looking for?

On a business point of view we are looking for zero emission projects in France. I would like to share information with the members of the NLBC to be able to do some efficient lobbying and to catch all the opportunities. On the other hands I will be able to share general information about the French business and provide advice.

6. What would you advice to other entrepreneurs thinking of starting a business in France?

For those who make business with PTAs take care of the French administration, but as for this point I can provide efficient contacts and resources. For those who work on the BtoB just dare, push the doors and use the network which is probably the most powerful action plan in complementarity of Dutch products’ quality!!

Ebusco France is member of the Netherlands Business Council France.

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