Gepubliceerd op 12 juli 2021


Meet Ingrid Jehanne, CEO of PRO PAIE CONSULTING. A professional firm with more than 25 years of experience in France. 

1. Tell us about your company and your services

I am of Flemish origin, married to a French and C.E.O of PRO PAIE CONSULTING, a company that was born out of the desire to put companies at the heart of our services. We are a team specialised in payroll management and employment law for companies with our without a permanent establishment in France.

2. What is your link with France?

Our company assists foreign (and French) companies on the French market by taking care of their payroll administration, setting-up their business with help of our partners

3. What would you advise when working with the French and Dutch?

The Dutch and French have major differences in communication modes. French are in Latin mode (they build the relationship first, the deal will follow) whereas the Dutch are in the Anglo-Saxon mode (the goal is to get the deal not to create a relationship). Be patient with the French.

4. Could you tell us a bit more about your link to the Netherlands Business Council France?

The NLBC gives companies like mine real opportunities to extend our network by being pro-active, organizing meetings with other members, connecting members according to their needs, etc…

5. What are you currently looking for?

I want to share my experience and knowledge of the French labour law and payroll with the Dutch companies wanting to expand in France.

6. What would you advise to Dutch companies thinking of expanding their business to France?

French rules/administration are complicated for newcomers. Therefore it is very important to be assisted by a company that is an expert in its business and who also have competent partners that can satisfy all aspects of setting up a business in France (from registration of the company, bookkeeping, taxes to HR and payroll). It is also very important to know that depending on the activity, it is not always necessary to have a permanent establishment in France even whilst having French employees.

PRO PAIE CONSULTING is member of the Netherlands Business Council France.

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