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For more than 40 years, Mexico has been an important market for Damen Shipyards Group and to this day it is the home country for some of the company’s most important and long-lasting customers. Through this relationship, Damen is proud to have contributed significantly to the development of the Mexican shipbuilding industry with its Damen Technical Cooperation (DTC) solution. This enables independent yards anywhere in the world to build Damen ships using their own facilities and workforces. Damen provides support ranging from complete turnkey packages, including prefabricated kits and project management expertise, to simply licensing designs to those with previous experience of building similar vessels.

To date, Damen has delivered over 70 vessels to operators in Mexico, built both at our own yards as well as locally at non-Damen yards. Over the past decade alone, more than twelve advanced vessels have been built at yards in Tampico, Guaymas and Salina Cruz, with all the projects involving substantial transfers of knowledge and technology.

From protecting Mexican sovereignty…

Damen designs and builds a wide variety of vessels that covers almost every aspect of the maritime sector. Its most complex project in Mexico to date has been the build of the Long-Range Ocean Patrol (POLA) Class vessel ARM Juarez, which was handed over to the Secretaría de Marina (Mexican Navy) in February 2020. Built at the ASTIMAR 20 naval shipyard in Salina Cruz, this three-year project generated 750 man-years of direct Mexican labour, 400 direct jobs and more than 2,000 indirect jobs across the supply chain, as well as substantial transfers of knowledge, skills, and technology.

Long Range Ocean Patrol (POLA) Class vessel ARM Juarez

The 107-metre vessel is based on Damen’s SIGMA Frigate 10514 design and today it is the most technologically advanced naval vessel in Latin America. Its capabilities allow it to carry out missions ranging from the safeguarding of Mexican sovereignty, international security cooperation and law enforcement, to long range search and rescue operations and the delivery of humanitarian aid. ARM Juarez allows Mexico to increase the surveillance coverage and protection of its maritime interests beyond the 5 million square kilometers of its jurisdictional waters. The rapid delivery was due in part to Damen’s use of modular building techniques. These allow different sections of a vessel to be built simultaneously in different locations before being brought together for final assembly and commissioning. This delivers substantial time savings compared to a conventional linear build, with no loss in quality.


…to supporting its economic interests

Damen is also proud of its long track record in developing vessels to support offshore energy sectors around the world in an economical and efficient manner. The company’s offshore vessel portfolio includes a wide range of crew transfer vessels as well as offshore support and cable laying vessels. Damen’s longstanding relationship with leading Mexican offshore contractor Naviera Integral stands out for having started more than 20 years ago, and in that time, Damen has delivered 24 vessels so far, including 15 Fast Crew Suppliers FCS 5009.

Fast Crew Suppliers FCS 5009 Leonardo

The 50-metre FCS 5009 has been a valuable workhorse for Naviera Integral. Its Axe-Bow® design with increased seakeeping performance enables the delivery of crews and cargos to offshore installations out in the Gulf of Mexico rapidly, yet comfortably, in a wide range of weather conditions. Features such as DP2, fire-fighting capability and Damen’s ‘connected ship’ technology exemplified by Damen Triton ensure maximum efficiency and minimum downtime. And in line with their policy of continuous improvement, Damen and Naviera Integral have recently installed a VEEM VG1000SD Gyrostabilizer in one of Naviera Integral’s existing vessels. This solution will be employed by one of the new International Oil Companies (“IOC”) which have entered the Mexican offshore market.

Previous tests in the North Sea demonstrated that pairing a FCS 5009 with a gyro stabilizer delivered a reduction of between 35 and 40% in DP mode, and Naviera Integral values the advantages in increased safety and cost-efficiency offered by marine access solutions such as this.


Available now! The all-new FCS 7011 Crew Change

And it is with offshore energy locations such as the Gulf of Mexico in mind, that Damen has developed its new 70-metre FCS 7011 Crew Change, with the first of this paradigm-shifting class launched in January 2021 and now undergoing outfitting. This new and innovative design has been developed specifically to offer a viable, low-cost alternative to helicopter transport and has already received substantial interest from clients in the southern North Sea, Brazil and West Africa as well as the Gulf of Mexico. With a capacity of up to 122 passengers, it offers crew transfer specialists the ability to serve multiple platforms on single trips at speeds of up to 40 knots, making it exceptionally cost-effective.


FCS 7011 Crew Change

To ensure that it can transport its passengers across a wide range of weather conditions without compromising their well-being or safety, Damen has integrated numerous top end and motion-compensating technologies including a Kongsberg DP system, tailor-made Ampelmann gangway, VEEM gyrostabilizer, MTU main engines, Hamilton waterjets, Danfoss shaft generators and Veth bow thrusters. The Axe-Bow design ensures excellent seakeeping at all speeds while the internal layout delivers exceptional comfort.


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