Gepubliceerd op 21 juni 2021

DBAV becomes network partner of NLinBusiness

During the digital board meeting of the Dutch Business Association Vietnam (DBAV) this week, it was announced that the DBAV has been accredited by NLinBusiness. The accreditation is an acknowledgement of the professionalism of the DBAV as network and business hub for its members and for the soft landing services it offers to Dutch companies who’d like to start or expand doing business in Vietnam. DBAV has become the 8th accredited business hub in the NL Business Hub network, and 4th within Asia, next to Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Digital Board Meeting June 15,2021

Entrepreneurial spirit

To receive an accreditation during the Covid-19 pandemic is also reflection of the entrepreneurial spirit of Vietnam and the DBAV. The Vietnamese economy grew where many countries went into decline, and the DBAV increased its members base and added new sponsors. It also launched many innovative products and services with partners such as the Orange Desk and Visa Entry services.

Edo Offerhaus, Managing Director of NLinBusiness:

Vietnam has been a very interesting market for Dutch entrepreneurs, especially around Ho Chi Minh City. The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement that was ratified last year, has boosted the bilateral trade even further. The network and services of DBAV facilitates easier entry into this promising market for entrepreneurs.

Alexander Koch, Chair DBAV and Managing Director Heineken Vietnam is proud of the new status:

In the past 2,5 years DBAV has truly transformed itself into a professional business hub thanks to our members and our great executive team. We couldn’t have done this without the help and guidance from NLinBusiness and other hubs in the network. We’re also very grateful for the support we received from the Dutch consulate-general in Ho Chi Minh City and the embassy in Hanoi.


NL Business Hub Network

The DBAV is now the 8th accredited member of the NL Business Hub Network and 4th in Asia, that consists of a growing group of business councils around the world. NL Business Hubs support Dutch companies as they enter new foreign markets by providing a strong local business and community network. They know the market and know where opportunities lie. NL Business Hubs work closely with Dutch Embassies, Consulate Generals and local governments, which allows them to help Dutch entrepreneurs, even in difficult times.

The DBAV has over a hundred members and is one of the larger and most active business councils in Vietnam and an active member of EuroCham. Guido van Rooy, Executive Director of DBAV: “We organise many business- and networking events for our members, both online and offline. We also offer information on doing business in Vietnam and current affairs, such as a weekly briefing on the impact of Covid-19 for Dutch/ European businesses in Vietnam. For market entrants With thanks to our large and diverse member and partner network, we can offer new exporters and entrepreneurs to the market a perfect start and soft landing in Vietnam, whether in Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang or Hanoi.”

Wij zijn er zodat jij voorbereid en sterk in je schoenen internationaal kan ondernemen

Er is ontzettend veel kennis over internationaal zakendoen, en wij zijn er om jou te koppelen aan de organisaties en mensen die die kennis met je delen, zodat jouw bedrijf tot bloei komt, ook internationaal.

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