Gepubliceerd op 30 augustus 2021

FrieslandCampina has contributed nearly 6 billion for the vaccine and in-kind donations during the 4th Wave

Donation: ± 270.000 USD

Dutch Lady had fuelled hospitals and communities through the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. During the Wave 4, FrieslandCampina has done 3 big campaigns to support Vietnam.

September 2021: Donate $10.000 to the Breathe Again fund of EuroCham to help deliver medical equipment directly to the hospitals and medical centers in the fight against Covid19.

August 2021: 100.000 glasses of milk to Hanoi Doctors for leaving for HCMC

In mid-August, Dutch Lady has joined hands with the Ministry of Health’s Department for Medical Examination and Treatment to present more than 100,000 glasses of milk to doctors from Hanoi who left for the southern region to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, representative from Dutch Lady, affirmed that it has been a great honour for Dutch Lady to collaborate with the Department of Medical Examination and Treatment to provide support for doctors from Hanoi who have left behind their homes to protect the health of people.

July 2021: 250.000 glasses of milk to support HCMC

On July 29, 2021, Dutch Lady milk brand has donated more than 250,000 glasses of milk to frontline medical workers and people in the blocked area and in difficult circumstances through the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Binh Duong Province and local voluntary organizations.

May 2021: 450.000 glasses of milk to support the pandemic hotspots

Ho Chi Minh City, May 31, 2021 – In the context that the 4th wave of Covid-19 is considered a dangerous and prolonged epidemic, with the spirit of "Love nutrition, share hands", Dutch Lady had acted very quickly and practically, bringing loving nutrition with 450,000 glasses of milk, worth 2 billion VND, to support frontline forces and diseases to improve health, more firmly to defeat the pandemic.

Wij zijn er zodat jij voorbereid en sterk in je schoenen internationaal kan ondernemen

Er is ontzettend veel kennis over internationaal zakendoen, en wij zijn er om jou te koppelen aan de organisaties en mensen die die kennis met je delen, zodat jouw bedrijf tot bloei komt, ook internationaal.

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