Gepubliceerd op 21 februari 2019

HCMC focuses on industrial products


The HCM City People’s Committee will offer more support such as workforce training and financial assistance to companies that make key industrial products.

Favorable loans policies and trade facilitation will also provide to businesses that make key industrial products, which include molded metallic products such as high-precision molds, steels and machine parts, electronic goods and cables, plastic and rubber, processed foodstuff, drinks, IT and clothing.

Medicine, medicinal chemistry and pharmacognosy (study of plants and natural sources for use as drugs) are classified as product groups with high potential.

The city will help businesses invest and expand their activities, as well as give priority to land for companies operating in key industrial product groups and groups with high potential.

These businesses will receive favorable investment policies; be part of the city’s programme to link banks and businesses to further procurement and investments.

The key industrial product groups will also be part of the programmes that support small- to medium-sized enterprises, which will improve businesses’ competitiveness and global integration. In addition, they will take part in science and technology development efforts.

Their involvement in these programmes will include training and consultancy in quality management, innovation, intellectual property rights and branding disputes. They will also help businesses acquire certifications involved with advanced technologies.

Financial assistance will be provided to businesses taking part in workforce training programmes held domestically and overseas, and for the promotion of their products at trade fairs. The businesses will also be given priority in trade facilitation and networking events.

Wij zijn er zodat jij voorbereid en sterk in je schoenen internationaal kan ondernemen

Er is ontzettend veel kennis over internationaal zakendoen, en wij zijn er om jou te koppelen aan de organisaties en mensen die die kennis met je delen, zodat jouw bedrijf tot bloei komt, ook internationaal.

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