Gepubliceerd op 24 augustus 2021

Pfizer Vietnam is cautiously optimistic about Vietnam turning the corner in the Covid-19 pandemic.

During DBAV's weekly Covid Briefing, we discussed the current situation with Covid-19 in Vietnam with John Paul Pullicino from Pfizer Vietnam.

Up until today Tuesday 24 August, some 18 million doses have entered Vietnam. In the coming 6 weeks there will be a real bottleneck in terms of vaccine supply, with John announcing another 20 million doses to arrive in Vietnam in 2021. This means that from October forward there will be more supply of vaccines, and that Vietnam should be able to turn one corner in the fourth quarter of 2021. One corner of many to come.

John called the target of the Vietnamese government to reach 70% of the population fully vaccinated by April next year ambitious, but an important one to shoot for.

According to John, another positive note is that the arrived vaccines have been administered well by the Vietnam authorities. The inoculation process has, after some initial growing pains, been relatively smooth compared to other nations. For future batches to arrive in Vietnam, it is expected that the jabbing will be efficient. John also lauded the vaccination diplomacy from the Vietnamese government and the relatively high amount of vaccines that Vietnam has welcomed through bilateral donation.

A much needed but cautiously optimistic message, for all (Dutch) businesses that are currently in distress.

Join us next week for another Covid-19 briefing, this time with fellow Dutch citizen Gabor Fluit. Gabor is CEO at De Heus Asia. Gabor will speak with Guido about the following topics:

  • Gabor will give a business outlook, highlighting what he sees as the damage done. Is it permanent or temporary? What does this crisis mean for Vietnam in the long run? 
  • Together with Guido, he will analyze the news of the week
  • Sharing of EuroCham efforts: lobbying efforts on vaccine supply, quarantine times, lockdown measures 
  • Answering questions from the crowd on supply chain, business disruption & people safety 

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