Gepubliceerd op 22 februari 2019

Vietnamese duck meat to be shipped abroad


Mavin Group, a food joint venture between Australia and Vietnam, is aiming to export Vietnamese duck meat in the future, given the increasing demand for this product.

The group said it has imported high-quality duck breeds from the UK and France to Vietnam and applied modern cross-breeding technologies to create breeds suitable to the local climate.

Mavin has also applied flexible and advanced breeding models and produced antibiotic-free animal feed.

The group has set up duck breed production centers in the northern provinces of Hung Yen, Phu Tho and Thai Binh, and Hau Giang and Dong Thap provinces in the southern region, with total annual capacity of 12 million ducklings.

With new duck breeds and farming technologies, the group hopes to account for 40 percent of Vietnam’s duck meat market in the next five years.

Founded in 2004, Mavin Group is one of few Vietnamese enterprises that have successfully implemented the “From Farm to Table” supply chain and was also one of the first food firms in Vietnam to implement a highly automated system in all the production processes.

Mavin became the first business in Vietnam to export fresh pork to a foreign market when the first batch was shipped to Myanmar in May 2018.

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