Gepubliceerd op 22 november 2021

Testimony Holland House Mexico Experience

Holland House Mexico is always proud to hear and see successful experiences!

Below is an testimony of one of our successful experiences with a client:

My name is Stef a Process Improvement Specialist for Hencon Holland, I am responsible for sales in the southern hemisphere. Our clients are aluminium smelters; large factories where aluminium is produced or recycled. During my business trips I always try to organise visits with potential new clients around my visits to existing clients. Due to the language barrier I really struggled to get meetings with the right people at the right kind of plants. It was clear I needed some help. Earlier this year Holland House Mexico contacted me and introduced themselves. I told them about my problem not getting past the receptionist at potential clients in Mexico. They immediately sprung into action!

The first thing they did is learn about our business, our products and the type of clients we are looking for. I was very impressed by how well they understood this.

They made a long list of potential smelters, and made it very easy for me to filter through this list with them and make a short list. They contacted all these clients and organised online meetings with the right decision makers of these potential clients. This was so successful that shortly after these online meetings I organised a trip to Mexico and visited a couple of these clients. Before and during my visit Florencia Cantú from Holland House Mexico went out of her way to make my visit as efficient as possible, reminding me who I was meeting and their positions, etc. Thanks to them I have just sent my second serious offer for vehicles to our new Mexican clients since my visit a few weeks ago.

My experience with Holland House Mexico has been absolutely wonderful, and I highly recommend you to ask them to assist you to further grow your business in Mexico.

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