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OBM Legal Consulting

OBM Legal Consulting is a full-service law firm that specializes in the areas of Corporate Law, Commercial Law, and International Trade. When doing international transactions, you are not only dealing with different legal systems but also with different cultural aspects and bureaucratic structures. Therefore, you and your company need a law firm that understands all those differences in such a way that they don’t become a barrier to your business. OBM Legal Consulting is that law firm, the one which has extensive experience in helping companies in their commercial transactions with other markets. We understand and know how to develop the right legal guarantees so you can freely expand your business. Additionally, legal advice is given to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) concerning the internationalization process and the criteria for an effective entry and establishment in new markets. Our legal strategies are built and customized to meet the specific needs of each client and to provide them with the best possible chance of success. OBM furthermore advises SMEs active in the energy and/or water sector. In doing so, we look beyond national borders. From assessing projects in India, to projects in the Caribbean. OBM also keeps close contact with public and private organizations that help foreign companies, including countries in Central and South America. Therefore, we are able to advise in intergovernmental projects. OBM helps to bring companies together with governmental parties to explore business opportunities and if desired to make the contracts resulting from the negotiations. Additionally, OBM advises companies in public tender procedures. Tender procedures differ from country to country and can be complicated, but because they can be also open to foreign companies, they are a very attractive business opportunity. We advise in, among others, the legal aspects of these procedures.

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Lia Bijnsdorp

Managing Partner - UP Michoacan Europe B.V

OBM Legal has given us excellent strategic legal advice in a project between The Netherlands and Mexico. Through this project, we will trade with other European countries like Germany and the United Kingdom. It is clear that the international legal knowledge and experience of OBM Legal were essential in our project.

Marcus Meurs

Co-founder - Awesome Avocado's from Mexico

Our company does commercial transactions in the field of organic food in the Netherlands, Colombia, Guatemala and many other markets. And because OBM Legal is highly specialized in international contracts and foreign trade we were able to manage all the negotiations and arrange clearly drafted agreements that protect our interests.

Opal Morales Asencio
Opal Morales Asencio

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